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Regulations enforced by the Atlanta DMV regarding car insurance

In United Stated, it is compulsory for every state to formulate a minimum level of car insurance or some form of financial assurance in order to channelize the damaging costs of people, personal property during an accident in road.

We have studied and analyzed all the varying requirements of car insurance in Atlanta, so that you can figure out the proper picture of it. This detailed information can be particularly beneficial in case you are a novice about car insurance laws by the Atlanta DMV or if you are new in the state.

CarInsuranceInAtlantaChannelizing your damage expenses in order to be on the safer side is one major reason why the Atlanta DMV inspires and compels each car owner to get a car insurance policy. Gathering all the detailed information about your personal vehicle, along with the auto insurance policies available in Atlanta will enable you to make the choices aptly, when you are planning to get your car insured, or to renew your already existing insurance policy. Invest enough time to research on all these and you are surely going to be rewarded in the long run.

For the residents of Atlanta, here are the necessary requirements as formulated by the Atlanta DMV:

In Atlanta, a car owner is required to submit the proof of their car insurance policy or any other financial assistance that you have acquired for your car if you have to obtain the legal permission to drive your private vehicle across Atlanta. By submitting an existing insurance policy for your car, you are proving that you have secured enough funds to cover for the damages that might be caused by your car to other people and their assets.

In order to get a valid proof of the car insurance in Atlanta, you can:

  • Purchase a liability insurance policy from any reputed service provider, who bears the license from the Office of Insurance and Safety Fire Commissioner, Atlanta. Majority of drivers in this state prefer this option, as there are many benefits of choosing it.
  • You can also self-insure your car from the same.

Liability Insurances for private vehicles in Atlanta:

In case you choose to insure your vehicle independently, you might follow a separate set of rules. For ordinary insurance policy holders, you must ensure liability insurance that covers:

  • ¬†About $25,000 for each person in cases of injuries in body.
  • About $50,000 in each accident for injuries in body of multiple persons.
  • About $25,000 for damages of assets and personal property for each accident.

Liability coverage is not enough to protect your dream car. It is just an unavoidable option for the people residing in Atlanta, in order to acquire the permission for driving your private vehicle, without which you are subjected to serious legal actions like confiscation and suspending of your driving license, and huge compensation amount, even jailing.

If you love your personal vehicle, then you must amplify the protection policies with a host of other coverage that is available in the market. You might also be compelled to opt for some of these if you have purchased your personal vehicle, via car loans. It is noteworthy, that it is not always necessary to acquire liability insurances for all types of vehicles in Atlanta. The non-motorized vehicles require no liability insurances, or from the vehicles that are exempt from registrations.

The data of your car insurance policy has to be submitted electronically to the databases according to the states, once you buy the coverage. Basically, this is your proof of the financial security for any further references.

Your proof in cases of adversities:

As mentioned above, the department of Motor Vehicles in Atlanta, maintains a record of your existing insurance policy in their databases. But there are times, when no electronic record is found and you need to show them some kind of proof of your existing policy:

  • In Atlanta, it is necessary for the insurance providers to issue insurance cards for the policy holders and to store them in your private vehicle for future references. However, the insurance cards are no longer considered to be the sole valid proofs of the insurance of any vehicle that are not self-insured or under the IRP.
  • In case of self-insurance of your vehicle, you are able to utilize the information card as well as the certificate of your insurance which you can avail from the Office of Insurance and Safety Fire Commissioner to avoid disputes during claim settlements.
  • If you are buying an automobile insurance for the first time, for your private vehicle, the insurance carrier should ideally provide you with an insurance binder. This binder is only feasible for one month, and serves as an important proof against the insurance, while the department of Motor Vehicles, Atlanta await for the electronic up gradation of your insurance records.
  • While purchasing or renewing your insurance policies, always preserve a copy of the bill and the papers as the genuine proof of your policy for at least 30 days. This is very vital evidence, till the department of motor vehicles updates their electronic record.

What are the penalties in case you avoid insuring your car in Atlanta?

This is a very vital section, for every car owners to read. In case you abstain from securing any form of responsibilities for your private vehicle, or you fail to possess any proof of your policy you will have to face serious penalties as formulated by the DMVs for the security of the state.

  • Your registration and license must be suspended at least for six months, based on the magnitude and the number of times of your offence.
  • Minimum fee of *25$ to paid as compensation and to avail the reinstatement registration, you need to pay about *160$.
  • The compensation for misdemeanor in case you are found driving your vehicle without paying the fees and reinstating expenses for registering your car.

Always remember that the DMV has been designed to support you in road. So, feel free to contact them in case you face serious difficulties in roads.

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