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Penalties for DUI offence in Atlanta

Getting car insurance in Atlanta covering the DUI accident situation is necessary for driving. If you have not insured the car for the dui situation according to the DMV law the license will be cancelled or you will be asked to purchase an SR22 OR SR22A. In the second type you will be paying a lump sum of six months payment instead of monthly premium.

There are clear boundaries determining what are the specific criteria that make a person responsible for DUI suite. The DUI authorities check out the suspects at the place where the person is found guilty and determines whether the person can be charged for a DUI/DWI penalty. The types and severity of penalties differs on the basis of the number of suspected offenses committed by the person. The rest of the explanation is discussed below.

Penalties on the first time of offense charge:

The penalty for the first time offense will result in the cash penalty for $300-$1000 following with the cancellation of license by Atlanta DMV or one year jail sentence from the court. There could be a charge resulting in 40 hours community service by the offender. The charge may consist of 24 hours jail depending upon the decision of the court for a particular person.

Penalties on the second time of offense charge:

For the second time DUI offending person in Atlanta the penalties extend themselves for up to $600-$1000 and the community services for 30 days. Other penalties counts up to 72 hours to 90 days of jail, license suspension for three years and other related charges can be implemented for the person.

Penalties for the third time of offense charge:

Getting a person to the third time offense for the DUI law is almost the last possible option to not consider it as a felony crime and after that any other offence will be followed as a felony and the punishment will be made accordingly. The charges result in the fine of $1000-$5000 and the jail for 72 days, 30 days of community services and the license cancellation for 5 years. In addition to this the photo of the suspect can be given and printed in newspaper announcing the offense.

Fourth time offense with severe circumstances:

Fourth time offense is considered to be the felony crime and can get as much severe results as any other felony is considered to be suspected by the court. Such a condition can result into a number of penalties and a person can be in a great trouble if not followed by an expert DUI lawyer. In order to get full description of available policies and quotes best for your DUI coverage compare prices by entering relevant information and get your policy here.