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Laws of DWI and DUI in Atlanta

The terms of DUI and DWI are most commonly used interchangeably for the same reason i.e. that the driver is impaired or not able to drive properly due to high level of chemical level in blood, the term DUI ( Driving Under Influence) is more suitable as covers up all the scenarios which are prohibited in Atlanta.

BAC test: (Blood Alcohol Test)

Blood Alcohol Test can be tested by breath test, blood or urine test of the driver. The driver is charged with offence of law. Police has certain rights if they find any driver under any alcohol or chemical contents. If the driver refuses to take breath, blood or urine test, then the license of that driver can be suspended for a whole year under administrative license suspension law.

Penalties for DUI and DWI:

The person who offends DUI law for the very first time in life will be charged for approximately $300 to $1000 of fine with imprisonment of 10 days to 12 months. If the person offends DUI second time the charges are $5000 and the imprisonment. Third time offend may goes up to 15 days to 12 months imprisonment.

What to do after being convicted:

Some people feel very hopeless and some people even don’t talk to a lawyer and their cases stay pending. There might be a chance that they were not impaired or the police got some misunderstanding. It is always advisable to take the same case to a proper lawyer who can handle the strong case for the clients.

Lawyers for DUI and DWI:

If a proper lawyer has been hired by the victim, the lawyer can collect evidence for victim’s innocence quickly and analyze all the available information. The lawyer usually put their past experience in to practice to make the case more strong. The lawyer can collect samples from the client and can find out possible malfunction of the blood test or breath test to prove that police has misunderstood or wrongly interpreted the situation of their clients.

Education for DUI:

A person can approach DUI approved courses for future learning to help him out to of penalty and stay safe in the future. You should be very careful while taking such medicines and make sure to always comply with all Atlanta DMV laws in future.

DMV point system:

The DMV point system allows the authorities to keep a tab on the current status of every driver and to analyze that if the driver is improving his driving every day or not. These points involve points deduction of reckless driving, crossing school buses, breaking any signal or any other unlawful act of driving these points also include the points accumulated due to DUI or DWI these points can be reduced by the courses approved by state mentioned above.