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Criteria for a teenager for auto insurance in Atlanta

In Atlanta when it comes to get your teenage child insured for auto insurance there are certain defined limits. So in order to make a wise decision you should be aware of the baseline information about the auto insurance requirements for the teenagers.

The teenagers are expected to be more risky in their driving records that is why the Atlanta DMV have posed restrictions and requirements for having a clear and safe record of driving with a driving permit and with an insurance policy for the mentioned level of liability coverage.

The minimum requirements for the liability coverage for teens auto insurance in Atlanta is with the ratio of 25/50/25. Meaning that in order to get the auto insurance you should be choosing the liability coverage for $25,000 for liability coverage of one person in an accident and $50,000 for two persons injured in an accident and $25,000 coverage for the property loss during an accident in which a teenage driver is involved.

Adding the teen driver to the parent’s policy can increase the premiums for about $2,000 and above annually and purchasing a new policy is also very expensive. But still you can get good discounts through safe driving record building and with driving course completion perfectly. You should be selecting any of the insurance policy and still get competitive rates for the insurance you need at best rates. The best way is to search for comparative rates online through free comparison option.

If you need quick quotes for insurance options you can do so by going to the given compare option on this page.