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Laws of DWI and DUI in Atlanta

The terms of DUI and DWI are most commonly used interchangeably for the same reason i.e. that the driver is impaired or not able to drive properly due to high level of chemical level in blood, the term DUI ( Driving Under Influence) is more suitable as covers up all the scenarios which are prohibited in Atlanta.

BAC test: (Blood Alcohol Test)

Blood Alcohol Test can be tested by breath test, blood or urine test of the driver. The driver is charged with offence of law. Police has certain rights if they find any driver under any alcohol or chemical contents. If the driver refuses to take breath, blood or urine test, then the license of that driver can be suspended for a whole year under administrative license suspension law.

Penalties for DUI and DWI:

The person who offends DUI law for the very first time in life will be charged for approximately $300 to $1000 of fine with imprisonment of 10 days to 12 months. If the person offends DUI second time the charges are $5000 and the imprisonment. Third time offend may goes up to 15 days to 12 months imprisonment.

What to do after being convicted:

Some people feel very hopeless and some people even don’t talk to a lawyer and their cases stay pending. There might be a chance that they were not impaired or the police got some misunderstanding. It is always advisable to take the same case to a proper lawyer who can handle the strong case for the clients.

Lawyers for DUI and DWI:

If a proper lawyer has been hired by the victim, the lawyer can collect evidence for victim’s innocence quickly and analyze all the available information. The lawyer usually put their past experience in to practice to make the case more strong. The lawyer can collect samples from the client and can find out possible malfunction of the blood test or breath test to prove that police has misunderstood or wrongly interpreted the situation of their clients.

Education for DUI:

A person can approach DUI approved courses for future learning to help him out to of penalty and stay safe in the future. You should be very careful while taking such medicines and make sure to always comply with all Atlanta DMV laws in future.

DMV point system:

The DMV point system allows the authorities to keep a tab on the current status of every driver and to analyze that if the driver is improving his driving every day or not. These points involve points deduction of reckless driving, crossing school buses, breaking any signal or any other unlawful act of driving these points also include the points accumulated due to DUI or DWI these points can be reduced by the courses approved by state mentioned above.

Penalties for DUI offence in Atlanta

Getting car insurance in Atlanta covering the DUI accident situation is necessary for driving. If you have not insured the car for the dui situation according to the DMV law the license will be cancelled or you will be asked to purchase an SR22 OR SR22A. In the second type you will be paying a lump sum of six months payment instead of monthly premium.

There are clear boundaries determining what are the specific criteria that make a person responsible for DUI suite. The DUI authorities check out the suspects at the place where the person is found guilty and determines whether the person can be charged for a DUI/DWI penalty. The types and severity of penalties differs on the basis of the number of suspected offenses committed by the person. The rest of the explanation is discussed below.

Penalties on the first time of offense charge:

The penalty for the first time offense will result in the cash penalty for $300-$1000 following with the cancellation of license by Atlanta DMV or one year jail sentence from the court. There could be a charge resulting in 40 hours community service by the offender. The charge may consist of 24 hours jail depending upon the decision of the court for a particular person.

Penalties on the second time of offense charge:

For the second time DUI offending person in Atlanta the penalties extend themselves for up to $600-$1000 and the community services for 30 days. Other penalties counts up to 72 hours to 90 days of jail, license suspension for three years and other related charges can be implemented for the person.

Penalties for the third time of offense charge:

Getting a person to the third time offense for the DUI law is almost the last possible option to not consider it as a felony crime and after that any other offence will be followed as a felony and the punishment will be made accordingly. The charges result in the fine of $1000-$5000 and the jail for 72 days, 30 days of community services and the license cancellation for 5 years. In addition to this the photo of the suspect can be given and printed in newspaper announcing the offense.

Fourth time offense with severe circumstances:

Fourth time offense is considered to be the felony crime and can get as much severe results as any other felony is considered to be suspected by the court. Such a condition can result into a number of penalties and a person can be in a great trouble if not followed by an expert DUI lawyer. In order to get full description of available policies and quotes best for your DUI coverage compare prices by entering relevant information and get your policy here.

Learn about effect of DWI laws on the auto insurance in Atlanta!

Atlanta is known as the most populated city in Georgia and witnesses series of accidents daily due to huge amount of traffic all over the city and its outskirts. Around 550 accidents occur daily in Atlanta for which it is very much necessary for the residents of Atlanta to get their car and life insured. Because if you go through any accident then at least you would get the cost that you have to incur for repairing and your injuries too. And offenders in Atlanta city also have the advantage to get auto insurance done. Generally convicts committing small crime like traffic rules violation, small accidents, not paying credit card bill properly are barred from getting cheap auto insurances but in the city of Atlanta even young offenders can seek for cheap auto insurance without any hassle.

Auto Insurance quotes in Atlanta are very easy to get actually because now-a-days there are thousands of insurance agencies offering their best quotes and insurance rates that meet up your needs. Insuring your car you at least will be relaxed and drive the car with confidence knowing that at least you car and you are protected. If you are any young offender too then also you can get insurance in the way as an innocent citizen gets. Just search over the net about the popular insurance agencies and select few of them. Then leave your requirements on their respective web pages and you will receive insurance quotes within minutes and you can decide whom to settle with for your car insurance policy.

It is mandatory rule by the Georgia Department of Automobile that whether you are a citizen or not if you own a car then you must have to do the minimum liability coverage needed for your car. And after that if you think that your car is more valuable then you can also opt for better insurance coverage.

Civil charges for DUI and DWI offences also play their part in increasing rates of auto insurance in Atlanta. Any DWI or DUI offence is severe enough to merit jail time, fines and severe punishments. Yet, insurers usually discard such offenders or retain them with huge interest premiums. Civil cases are brought against offenders by victims or family members of victims which sees conviction or payments of huge fines as settlements to the aggrieved parties. If there is any permanent disability caused by a DUI or DWI offender, then lifetime costs for settlement are liable to paid, along with medical costs and other hassles which are for people injured and need to recover. A verdict of not guilty in a criminal case does not ensure the same in a civil case and therefore such offences would directly jack up insurance costs and lead to severe social and financial hassles.

There are many insurance agencies those offer you cheapest car insurance policy rates and quotes and can save you hundreds of other policies. Also you can get extra car insurance discounts and small accident forgiveness too. There are many people who are generally regarded as high risk drivers by the insurance companies as they commit some small traffic violations, encounter accidents and don’t pay credit bills on time but still they drive on the road maintaining the state law.

If any citizen has a bad claim record in the past then his or her insurance rates increases by 50% but there are companies too who are always ready to offer you cheap insurance policy rates and quotes if you have bad record of committing traffic violations and small accidents so that you don’t face any trouble regarding abiding by the State Car laws. All you need to is produce some particulars needed for applying the insurance and soon they will process it make you and your car insured. For receiving best auto insurance quotes in Atlanta just enter your zip code at the top of the page.

Factors which can affect auto insurance in Atlanta

The factors which govern the premium rates in a state vary immensely from one service provider to other. The major factor in deciding the car insurance premiums is mainly the expenses to the service provider for backing up your claims. There are other several parameters to examine the approximate amount which the service providers need to pay off in case your private vehicle meets with an accident or stolen. Experts suggest that majority of the insurance policy owners do not have proper information about the basic requirements for their vehicles and the methods by which they can effectively decrease the premium rates. Before going to all these, let us explore the factors which govern auto insurance in Atlanta.

The insurance providers rely largely on the recent statistics to examine and analyze the risks of the policy holder and negotiate the premium rates for each individual. Here we analyze some of the key factors that are usually considered by the insurers while determining the premium costs of the insurance.


If you reside in a highly populated area, where the streets are always overcrowded with several vehicles, you are prone towards accidents, or theft. The insurance premium charges are often found to be lower in rural areas due to lesser accidents .If your place is also known for high crime rates, you are bound to pay high premium charges. Thus, your zip code is very vital factor in determining the premium rates.

Age of the driver:

In general, the middle aged individuals above the age of 25 as they are conventionally considered being responsible drivers for their long term experiences in roads. The teenagers and college goers are readily considered to be the inexperienced and irresponsible drivers who tend to drive recklessly and carry a lot of attitude.


For women, the car insurance premium is often lesser than males, as they tend to generate fewer risks for the insurers. As suggested by experts, young men drivers are three times more found to be involved in fatal accidents compared to the females. Naturally, women drivers are considered to be more responsible and obedient of traffic rules and their premium charges are low.

The deductible:

Deductibles are the amount which you have to pay off before the insurance providers pay off the claims against your insurance. While you make the claims, the insurance providers will pay off the remaining amount of money on behalf of you. The amount of the deductibles varies immensely, but by paying of high deductibles you have the chances of cutting down the premium expenses.

Your personal vehicle:

The insurance providers in your city, typically analyzes the rate charts on the basis of the model of your car, in accordance to their prior experiences in settling claims. They consider the factors whether your cars are too expensive, stylish or luxurious so has to attract the gazes of the thieves. An expensive car also involves high costs of repairing and removing of parts. It is ideal to analyze the details of the car models available before you buy a car.

The driving record:

Your driving record comprises of the incidents where you are at fault. The time span of your license approval and the driving convictions are also taken into consideration. If you have acquired any driving courses or defensive driving trainings then you are able to enjoy a special premium rates.

The miles you drive:

As mentioned earlier, the insurers mainly deal with risks. Thus, the miles you drive everyday is also very vital to determine your premium rates. The more and more you drive, the chances of encountering with an accident become maximum. If your residence is near your working place or educational institution, you have fair chances to grab lower rates of premiums. People tend to reduce their premium rates by utilizing public transits.

Group Insurance:

Often the premium rates are lower for cases of group insurances, such as the ones designed for members of a reputed organization or farms, or for the retired people. This is as the insurers are often largely benefitted through bulk policies.

This huge list of the considerations for analyzing the auto insurance in Atlanta may seem as discriminatory for an ordinary driver, but these are very important for them to know, so as to support you during your financial distresses.

DWI and DUI regulations are top of the list when it comes to a direct influence on insurance premiums. They impact insurance rates severely. Who wants to pay more for car insurance or to be barred from having insurance at all due to a DUI or DWI conviction?

No one does and that is a fact. The above things are determinant yes, but nothing strikes harder than DUI or DWI laws and following them to the hilt.

Any driver who causes an accident which is under the influence of alcohol is liable to face both civil as well as criminal charges making it a dangerous thing to happen.

There are few other factors which determine the premium rates by the insurance companies so that you can picture out, how much you should pay. They are enlisted below:

  • The brief history of your employment details.
  • The credit score and driving records.
  • A prior record if the policy holder was previously bankrupt.
  • Whether the car owner has residential properties.
  • The net worth as well as the level of indebtedness.
  • Whether he has a credit card.
  • The time span for which you have been residing in Atlanta.
  • Whether the car you use is your own or leased.
  • Whether there was any point of time, when you had no coverage for your private vehicle.

These might add on some extra benefits to the service providers.

In order to cut down premium expenses, you can increase the deductable charges, and install anti theft security system and air bags, but consult with your insurance providers before choosing one, to find out the systems which will qualify the needs. Check it thoroughly over the internet, whether there are any chances for you to avail any special discounts or privileges. Bundling up car, home and life insurances might also cut down the premium charges effectively.

In Atlanta there are host of discounts and rewards, on the basis of the varying age groups and other factors. Ask your car insurance broker today for the benefits which belongs exclusively to you. In case you want to perform a rate chart analysis online, and determine the best insurance quotes in your locality, kindly enter the zip code, at the above area of the web page, and get your job half done.

Here are few tips which can get you discounts on Auto Insurance in Atlanta.

Auto Insurance Quotes in Atlanta for young offenders!

A youthful offender refers to a driver who is yet to become adult, but has been accused for committing crime in Atlanta. This does not necessarily mean traffic violations but crimes such as murder, theft, robbery, rape and similar type of crimes. The young offenders are tried on juvenile court, due to their underage.

It is very crucial to understand that the insurance rates for the teenagers are high already due to their inexperience in road, lack of confidence and discipline compared to an average adult. The Atlanta insures thus considers the young offenders to be reckless drivers, impatient, having irrational mind, and endangering their private cars. But, they are not judges in the same way as the young offenders. Maintaining good grade in the schools, and following the traffic rules to earn good points can lower down your premium charges in the later part of life.

Only teenagers are not to be blamed in this case. According to the California DMV statistics, about 80% of all accidents are due to instances of distracted driving which also holds true for people in Atlanta and all throughout Georgia for that matter.

Myriad functions such as even holding a cell phone or changing a CD have led to drivers being distracted just about three seconds before an accident and thereby damaging driving records hugely. What you should refrain from, if you are already a convicted teenager in the driving scenario, is refrain from all instances which qualify as distractions to avoid further impacting your driving record.

  • Why do the auto insurance quotes in Atlanta go up for the young offenders?

There is absolutely no doubt that the young offenders gets their reports damaged, which even worsens up the situation, as all the people of Atlanta are well aware of the fact that premium charges for the youths are generally higher than the middle aged youths. Thus, for about a short span of time, the young offender has to pay high amount of premiums in order to win back the trusts of the DMVs.  Eventually you can reduce the premium charges by entering a rehabilitation program, or getting trained from defensive driving centers.

  • What should you do if after several years you fail to lower the premium charges?

In case the insurance provider still refuses to lower your premium rates after several years have passed and your debt is paid off, it is high time to search for another insurance provider. The local insurers may often turn indifferent, you can try out an insurer specially who works for the offenders you were previously recognized to be youthful offender. You may find a lot of insures who are reasonable and consider the criminal convictions, so there is absolutely no reason for sticking into one particular service provider in Atlanta.

The young people do make mistakes but they certainly deserve a second chance to overcome their previous mistakes. An action which happened in the past doesn’t necessarily mark you to be a criminal throughout your life, and you will go on repeating the same mistakes throughout your life. Many young ones realize their faults and try to be careful in roads, once a mishap occurs with the law.

The inside story is that there are several car insurers in Atlanta who gets convinced even if you are a youthful offender. The premium rates may not always be desirable, but by carrying on an effective search you can certainly find suitable auto insurance quotes in Atlanta to meet your needs. So, if you were once a young offender do not lose your hopes. Find out the reasonable service providers simply by comparing the rate chart analysis via our comparing tool now. Just enter the zip code.

Effect of good driving records for auto insurance quotes in Atlanta!

DWI and DUI Laws:

AutoInsuranceInAtlantaThe state of Georgia has very strict laws regarding Driving under Influence (DUI) or Driving While Intoxicated (DWI). If a person is stopped on suspicion of drunken driving and is proven to be intoxicated under the tests conducted immediately, he can be arrested on spot. Getting a bail is also rather difficult in such a case, and the ultimate punishment he is sentenced to can be quite harsh.

Effects of Driving Under Influence on your Auto Insurance Quotes in Atlanta:

If you are involved in a case of driving in an intoxicated state, the most direct impact on your auto insurance quote can be an increase in the premium paid by you to the insurance company. The involvement can be under different circumstances. You may not realize that you have crossed the permissible blood alcohol limit as this varies from person to person depending on gender and body weight. No excuse on your part is however good enough once you are caught. Your auto insurance company will take the incident as a record of DUI and will hike your premium rate significantly.

The legal system of the state in fact, gives permission to the auto insurance company to cancel your premium altogether on a record of intoxicated driving. However, most companies are lenient enough to allow their customers to continue under their insurance policy after the first or even the second offence, but raise the premium to a much higher level, making your policy very expensive.

Driving Responsibly: Avoid a DUI record and maintain a track record of receiving good auto insurance quotes in Atlanta

Atlanta DWI or DUI is doubly dangerous as it involves a host of criminal charges that are slapped on serious offenders. Such charges are intensified if any felony conviction is ordered too. There are bigger fines, more time spent in jail and not to mention countless hours of community service. Insurance companies often drop such drivers from their rosters and even if they are retained as customers, rates go up to unexpected proportions!

Why take the chance of getting involved in a legal hassle as well as losing a cheap auto insurance quote? The best option is to avoid driving under the influence of alcohol. Do not presuppose that you cannot get caught in under intoxicated driving just because you are not a regular alcoholic. Statistics show that a majority of the cases of DUI or DWI in Atlanta occur with non-alcoholics who have to suffer a blemished driving record and an increased premium rate on their insurance policies for what was just a one-time mistake. It is, therefore, safest to maintain a clean record and avoid drunken driving completely.

Avoid other drivers driving under alcoholic influence. Even if you are within permissible blood alcohol limits, being involved in a scene of DUI can be put a dark spot on your legal records.

Thus, it is not impossible to get insurance quotes that suit your budget. All you need is to follow some basic rules on the road in order to get good scores on your license. If your insurance provider is hello bent upon for not offering you any extra benefit, it’s high time to find a new service provider. The market of car insurance is heavily competitive, and hence you should seek for the best car insurance policy every six months. Just put in your zip code in the above area, and see the results appearing in even less than a minute,

And yes, it’s absolutely free!